It’s a 4 day event combining workshops, seminars, on-the-water information sharing, meals, friendship and more, all in a family friendly environment.

It is designed to help anglers of all skill levels learn new techniques in every facet of fishing. Come learn accelerate your skills as an angler all while making great new friends.

Teachin’ Fishin’ education weekends are valuable for everyone from the beginner angler to seasoned tournament pros and charter captains. Anyone that wants to get better at fishing would benefit from attending.

Trips are held several times a year at different locations to maximize learning opportunities every season.  You can find out the 2019 trips and locations below and find the one that is most beneficial to you, or register for all of them at once and save money!  Click on a Trip for more information and registration.

Houghton Lake, MI
Michigan’s OTHER great lake
June 6-9
Species focused on: Walleye

Located in the Northern Michigan, Houghton Lake will delight you with it’s natural beauty and is the largest inland lake in Michigan.

Due to it’s make up it is a perfect place to hone your angling skills. It is the best possible place to learn MULTIPLE techniques and learn to target specific species in a multi species lake.

Although, the Houghton Lake trip has been a favorite for many anglers, we are sad to announce that this will be the last Fishing Education Weekend to this location due to some circumstances that don’t allow us to logistically plan the trip effectively. Don’t miss out on this unique location, REGISTER NOW!

Houghton Lake Info & Registration

Dunkirk, NY
This is Teachin’ Fishin’s first FEW trip to the State of New York
September 5-8
Species focused on: Walleye

Dunkirk is located in Western New York State, south of Buffalo and is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Erie. It is widely believed that this is the best overall fishery in the State of New York.

Dunkirk NY Info & Registration

Huron, OH
These can sometime turn in to “TROPHY HUNTS”
October 31 – November 3
Species focused on: Walleye

Our fall Lake Erie trip out of Huron, Ohio is one of the greatest places on the planet for walleye fishing. It is timed perfectly for catching the largest walleye most have ever seen and it is the height of their size also as the fish are preparing for the long, cold winters.

Join over 100 walleye anglers – both pros and newcomers – as they share open water trolling techniques to target trophy sized walleye up to 15 pounds. Bring your deep diving Reef Runners, Bandits, P-10s and Rapala Husky Jerks – we’re talking big fish trolling to new levels.  Learn depth control, crankbait trolling, using 1 lb balls and so much more!

Huron OH Info & Registration